About Us

Who We Are

Origami Books, named after the Japanese art of folding paper into intricate three-dimensional objects, is a specialised publishing imprint of Parrésia Publishers Ltd. It publishes all genres of writing, including textbooks and other customised books, for clients interested in self-publishing with an emphasis on quality editing, superior aesthetics and world-class production.

Under Origami, clients are offered our editorial, design and publishing expertise in putting together their projects. Origami is specifically tailored to cater to the needs of authors who know the benefits of self-publishing and desire full control over the publishing process.

Origami is committed to providing quality and comprehensive publishing service to potential and existing clients.

Why Choose Us?

Quality Editing

Qualified and experienced editorial team at your service

Superior Aesthetics

We imbibe art and top-notch graphics to make your publication appealing.

World-Class Production

We ensure the best of print technology for an classy look & feel of your publication.

Origami Marketing System

Would you like to self-publish your book under a specialised publishing imprint, be guaranteed of all-round quality, distribution and marketing, and then fold your hands to receive at least 30% royalties on your books?

Aware of the marketing challenges facing self-published books, we have designed our unique Origami Marketing System. Under this system, Origami Books undertakes the following activities with full copyright retained by the Author —

  1. Nationwide Distribution via our partnered Bookshops, Bookstores and other national channels.
  2. 6-month intensive Marketing comprising book readings, local newspaper interviews [alternated] or reviews, online blog posts/ interviews/reviews.
  3. Book Clubs will be approached to use the published book as a monthly reading.
  4. Twitter/Facebook marketing.
  5. Marketers in Special Markets focus on getting large orders from schools and suitable institutions with the necessary discounts.
  6. Entry into any literary prize for which the book is eligible.
  7. Sales Accounting every 90 days.
  8. The author has more control over his or her book.