Adventures of Ola and Bisi

Genre: Poetry


Beautifully illustrated, Fit Kid or Fat Kid continues the Adventures of Ola and Bisi, two children from a privileged home. It presents kids with lessons on healthy weight maintenance, healthy snacking, healthy drinks, benefits of water and benefits of exercises.

With the dramatic way it highlights the stigma children have to pass through just for being fat, Fit Kid or Fat Kid will appeal to children and their parents. The book, whose foreword is written by the award, winning children’s novelist Uche Peter Umez, also features informative exercises that introduce children healthy living.

About the Author

Edirin Metseagharun is a teacher, public speaker and a counsellor with a strong for children’s health and fitness. She is a certified health coach and has a degree in Educational Management with a bias for Primary Education. She also has a certificate in Diet, Nutrition and Exercise. She is the founder and coordinator of Passion for Healthy Kids Initiative (PHKI), a non-governmental organisation that addresses childhood undernourishment, obesity prevention and helping children to eat right and be active every day.