Beyond the Kitchen

Genre: Non-Fiction


Dr. Georgiana Ngeri-Nwagha’s Beyond the Kitchen is a manual of advice, encouragement and exhortation for women to strive toward ascendancy and self-actualization outside the home. The title itself is a loaded phrase, as the kitchen is a woman’s domain as is the hearth. The kitchen is the corporal sustaining room and the heart of the household. The author started by bemoaning women’s backwardness and quickly adduced reasons for same. These are “gender discrimination, stereotyping, exploitation, government policies and laws, sexual abuse and others”. She, however, thinks that the onus of empowerment should emanate from the woman herself who must first believe in herself and show the desire to improve herself. She lists Religion and Culture as pillars of female subjugation.

About the Author

Georgiana Ngeri-Nwagha, OON, is an indigene of Twon-Brass in Bayelsa State, Nigeria. She holds degrees from universities in Nsukka and Western Ontario. She is passionate about women and girl child education. Beyond the Kitchen is her first published book.