Dance Here

Genre: Poetry


Such touching tribute from one who remembers Jos in all her naivety and mourns her lost innocence even from many miles away from her. – amu-nnadi, winner of the Glenna Luschei Prize (2014) for ‘through the window of a sandcastle’; his most recent poetry collection is ‘a field of echoes’

Laura bursts into song with an efficacious voice that is unapologetic– woven with lines that give skin rush. This is a playlist of songs we must all dance to. – Saddiq Dzukogi, Poetry Editor at Expound; his most recent collection is ‘Sunbeams and Shadows’

Laura M Kaminski, our inimitable bard of luminous lines and a transcendental humane sensibility, has done our world a great favour by publishing this collection at this time. Kaminski, an American, remains one admirable Poet Laureate of the victims of Boko Haram onslaughts in Nigeria and of other suffering people in other parts of her very large human constituency. Definitely a spirit-lifting voice for beauty and harmony in our world ravaged by assorted dissonances. – Chiedu Ezeanah, winner MUSON Poetry Prize (1999, 2001)

Laura Kaminski holds the sun and moon and fresh waters and more in awe in her poems. Dance Here should be read by all living things longing to dance away sorrows and become new again. – Ehizogie Iyeomoan, winner Korea/Nigeria Poetry Feast Prize (2015) and author of ‘flames of the forest’

About the Author

Laura Kaminsky is an American composer, producer of musical and multi-disciplinary cultural events, and educator. She was born in New York City, graduated from the High School of Music and Art, and studied with Joseph Wood at Oberlin College and Mario Davidovsky at City College of New York.