Echoes of Childhood Follies

Genre: Fiction


On his deathbed, Bumie entrusts his lush and enviable business empire to his favorite son, Saagbe. He had groomed him in the trade right from infancy. In addition, Bumie offers his son gifts of rare wisdom on the inevitability of death for all mortals, and on what path the son should follow in order to succeed in life. One such piece of advice is that saagbe “must mature in mind and age before (he gets) involved in the intricate institution of marriage; (he) must be financially stable”. The father spices up this advice with the philosophical observation that “Marriage is like wind; you only feel the direction from which it comes, but you don’t know the extent to which it would go and when it would stop blowing”.

About the Author

Lambert Ototo is a traditional high chief in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State, a native of Ovom was born in Erigbe, Yenagoa.

His short story, “Colony of Lassa Fever” appeared in the Daily Sun. his poem, No man changes, was published in Crossroads, an anthology of poems in honour of Christopher Okigbo.

He has written other creative titles and continues to write. He lives in Yenagoa with his family and pet cats.