Fresh Air

Genre: Fiction


A struggling, UK-based Nigerian is overwhelmed by the demands of his family back home, and a recent returnee is dazed by his country’s veneration of non-black foreigners. An innocent man jailed and tortured by the Abacha regime is forced to sit and watch a football match with his tormentors, while another man breaks free from his high-flying family’s emasculating expectations. A female bank marketer succumbs to the pressures of the job, and an orphaned teenage girl is sexually abused by an uncle. A government minister visits his home state in a motorcade of dozens of exotic vehicles, wrecking lives in the process; while a second-hand car, dumped by a frustrated European student, travels across the seas to meet a grateful Nigerian professor…

In Fresh Air, we encounter an assortment of contemporary Nigerians characters, whose experiences and eccentricities are woven together with strings of wit.

About the Author

Reward Nsirim was born in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. He trained in Medicine and Public Health at Universities in Port-Harcourt and London. He has worked as a magazine and journal editor. His fiction has been published in Eclectica and Sentinel Nigeria. His essays can be seen on his blog His collection of short stories, Fresh Air, was longlisted for the Etisalat Prize for African Fiction.