Genre: Fiction

Jackson and Ende growing up in a post-conflict and cosmopolitan Kano city slum of the early 2000s, find themselves in a world where they have to grapple questions that relate to identity, destiny and society. While Ende is troubled by the absence of a father he knows nothing about and a rather strange father who makes matters worse by withholding information regarding his mother, Jackson, a biracial boy called also Lebanese pickin is trapped in a deep self-hate resulting from his abhorrence of his mother’s prostitution.

Their friendship begins on the day Ende discovers Jackson’s drawing of “a frail woman stuck against the wall by a long iron bar.” It is the beginning of a haunting narrative of hate and love, of violence and compassion, of concealment and revelation.

About the Author

E Sule is the preferred style name of Sule Egya, Professor of African Literature and Cultural Studies at Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida University, Lapai. Beside his scholarly engagements, he writes fiction and poetry. Makwala is his second novel.