Riot in Ubahu

Genre: Fiction


Riot in Ubahu is the story of a school – a federal government college, as she fares under her principal, Chief Obama Orizu, fondly called Obama by students, staff and family members. A strict disciplinarian, Obama works tirelessly to raise the academic and moral standards of the school. Inadvertently, he is known for discipline and fairness. The school itself thrives – having both excellent Academics as well as infrastructure to show for the principal’s hard work.

Not unlike any mixed boarding school, FGC Ubahu is home to various kinds of shenanigans – bullying, extortion, bounds breaking, sorcery, and the occasional riot. In this narrative, a riot occurs at the end of the novel of the novel when Obama is transferred, and a new principal leads the school to the edge of ruin.

The riot is ruinous as it can be – leaving rape, destroyed school property, and hooliganism in its wake. A side of the school – especially the students, that had never been seen comes to the fore. And it falls to Chief Obama Orizu to restore order and splendour to a school he once called home.

About the Author

Chimere Iroha is an accomplished accountant. He loves writing, travelling and photography. Riot in Ubahu is his second book.