Smile My Beloved Country

Genre: Fiction


Smile, my Beloved Country is the story of a young Nigerian, Ayo Musa Okeke, who on a visit to Nigeria witnesses the assassination of a presidential candidate, Boni Konida, during a transition to civil rule programme. Within a broken country where civic obligations are ignored as corruption runs rampant, suspicions begin to point to Ayo who is saved by the friendship of a conscientious cop. From his base in New York where he is a tenured Agricultural Science professor, Ayo unwittingly sets in motion events that will lead him to face off the ruthless Chief Wewe Jumanji in an electoral battle for Aso Rock and Nigeria’s future.

About the Author

Emeka Onwusorom is a seasoned shipping and marine industry professional. He was born in Nigeria and attended schools in Nigeria and the UK. He founded the smile Motherless Children Support Foundation, a non-profit organisation supporting the Red Cross and abandoned and motherless babies homes in Nigeria.

Smile, my Beloved Country is his first book.