The Angel That Was Always There

Genre: Fiction


Julius Bokoru’s “The Angel That Was Always There” is a memoir that tells the story about a child grappling at life, trying to make sense of who he really is. Struggling and failing. Confused and lonely. Saved intermittently by the love of his mother, but losing that mother when he most needed her. It is heart breaking. It is heartrending. The story leaves you shivering long after you’ve left it. Because here comes young Julius, ambling down the pages, whispering haunting memories in a swaggering bravado—sputtering pretty prose-poetry.

The 141 paged Memoir written in 17 Chapters portrays the plight of single motherhood with its setting in Ijaw land. The Memoir exudes picturesque and poignant tales that give account of Julius Bokoru’s childhood experiences while skilfully weaving a gripping tale portraying single parenthood, its pain and struggles.

This debut Memoir seeks to answer some of the most disturbing questions:

“Where is my father?” “Why don’t I know him?” “Why is society disrespecting my

mother because she is a single mother?”

In the process, the Ijaw and Niger Delta social life is being presented to the world in a lush narrative.

About the Author

Julius Bokoru is an essayist, historical fiction writer and memorist. His works have been featured in various local and international magazines. He has been arts editor of Niger-Delta Newspapers and a columnist for New Waves Newspapers.