The Bofak Illusion

Genre: Fiction


FC Newsday reporter, Zack Liman, is murdered by government agents in Tinland when he finds something sinister lurking beneath law and order. . . Stubborn journalist Billy Dada is hot on the trail of a murder case, which becomes one of high political crime and ultimately, a matter of hard drugs. . . Gloria Dan, femme fatale and drug baroness, dies in police custody and is resurrected . . . Ayuba Giok, amateur sleuth with a mind for conspiracy and a nose for trouble. . . Kim Shykes, biracial Santomean ex-cop, with a beef against organized crime. . . Jion Belleck . . . Libyan trained assassin with a mission to extract Gloria Dan from Nigeria. . . In The BOFAK Illusion, Nigeria’s new king of crime weaves a story reaching from the beaches of Sin City to Tinland to the gates of Aso Rock itself in a game where the desire for good to win over evil is not enough.

About the Author

Tanimu Sule Lagi, a lawyer and former news reporter, lives in Nassarawa State, Nigeria. His interests are criminal litigation and cross-country driving.