The Ibo Lobby

Genre: Fiction


The scion of the Mbelede-Ogu family, Nwora, in his youth joined the West African Frontier Force to fight, along with the Allied Forces in the second world war. With the war over, he came back home to his village Ogidi-Idu only to find out that his wife Agbomma had had a son in his absence fathered by someone else. The boy was eighteen months old when Nwora came back.

From thence, things started happening. The boy grew up to become a soldier himself, cutting his military teeth in the Congo War. Subsequently, the young man deployed in the Biafran war, every trait of an authentic Warlord.

The story is set in Igbo heartland of Eastern Nigeria. It is divided into three parts.

About the Author

From the beginning, Mr Amechi Oraka was aware that he was called to be a creative writer. However, he did not follow this calling initially because of peer pressure. He followed another career path unrelated to creative writing.

Oraka joined the Public Service in Nigeria rising to the highest level and retired in 2006. In his seventieth year on earth[2019] he discovered that his original calling was still there with him. So, he put pen to paper, and the result is this riveting masterpiece, THE IBO LOBBY.